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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » Who is running our system? From economy to education.

Who is running our system? From economy to education.

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Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
Why are there so many problems, policy changes, mishaps in exams in Sri Lanka? Is it because suitable people are not in the right positions? Do we always blame SB and Bandula and all the politicos? Then read on. You might not have thought about this.

Last week I realized something very disturbing about the state of Sri Lanka. I do not think people realize this. I am writing this so that some people would understand what I am going to tell you. We single handedly blame the politicos for everything. But our system is not run by them. It’s been run by perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals produced by the Sri Lankan universities for decades and the quiet slaves who are doing their command from the university days. You see those perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals who abused and tortured students in 70s and 80s are senior professionals in high ranking jobs now.

Understand this. Ragging has been there for decades. Imagine any unthinkable act, whether it be force feeding feces or gang raping a girl or a boy and it has been happening in Sri Lankan universities for decades, everywhere. It is common. It has been happening in 70s and it is happening now; in arts, science, medical, management, teacher training schools and pirivenas. You might be a university student and could have passed through knowing or not knowing that some students are abused by these {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare} because it is a taboo. It may not happen in some faculties or it may not happen to some students. You might not know what happened to some of the girls or boys sitting next to you. None of the students, girl or boy would say I was raped or forced to drink water from toilets. Rarely those victims speak out. When it is done for groups only groups know it. It is like those children who are abused by close family members for decades and silently suffer. We never knew LTTE raped little girls they met before hacking them. It was a taboo subject nobody talked about. But it happened in Sri Lanka but media never reported because we never talk about sex.

Now the most disturbing part is this. This ragging has created three kinds of people.

1. People either drop from universities or stands against this and get murdered like Samantha or Rupa
2. Majority of the students who would instantly crawl or kneel when another student orders them
3. And the {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare}

There is a large section of bright and normal set of students of third kind who Sri Lanka loses every year because of ragging. Ask university students, they will tell you about the students who left the university on the first day when {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare} started abusing them, they will tell you about bright young students who end up as alocoholics or lunatics and drop out from the university without learning anything. Ask around and read newspapers. You will see bright students destroyed by the {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare}. They never come out of universities. They are lost.

Then the majority of students will kneel as soon as a student tells them. This is the majority of students as well as future Sri Lankan workforce. Imagine the state of mind of these people. They will literally crawl as soon as another student commands. They would not say no or protest. They just drop and crawl or strip or eat any filth another students orders them to. Would you eat from a dust bin if somebody tells you? Now imagine the state of mind of this future Sri Lankan workforce. They will bow their head let another person year older than him or her urinate on them without any question or protest. And these brightest minds come out and take over our country and economy. These students are conditioned to be inferior taking commands to dance or crawl or provide sexual pleasure to a master.

And this is the most disturbing thing I want you to understand. {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP} complete university course and enter into profession. They do. These qualified graduates have been going to public administration, hospitals, teaching, police and banks everywhere. The doctor you take your child for check ups could have been a pervert who gang raped students every night when he was in university or a sadist who got pleasure by crushing the testicles of another student. Yes they are in hospitals. Yes ragging happens in medical schools as well although some medical students will pass without knowing. You don’t realize they have done all the unthinkable acts and come out of the universities as graduates. Yes they do. Nobody talks about them. Very rarely you would hear somebody remark a fellow former student say what that doctor in TV did when he was at university.

The teacher in school who disciplines your child who was a Sri Lankan teaching school graduate could be a person who forced pens and candles on new girls’ anus and vagina. (The sexual abuse of every kind is very prominent in teaching schools of different kinds whether it’s art or agriculture. Sometimes it’s hard find a graduate who hasn’t been a victim or a future abuser. That is where your child’s teacher went.)
The senior law enforcement officer could have been a student who forced alchohol on new students and destroyed their whole lives or stripped and hung a student and hit until unconscious. You blame everything that ministers haven’t gone to universities and they don’t have qualifications. But look what qualified people did.
The magistrate who went to a Sri Lankan university whose hearing court cases about abused women and children could have taken pleasure in torturing and raping girls and boys at university in the 1970s and 1980s. That means people who are in the highest possible places in the public administration and everything are the graduates from Sri Lankan universities in arts, science and management some or many of them are {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP}.
The monks who your children kneel and worship who are Sri Lanken graduates could have been forcing the new monks to perform sexual acts in front of them for their enjoyment.
Have you realized this? That majority of students who will kneel as soon as a student tells them are the bowing people who work under them. Those Sri Lankan graduates who sexually abused and tortured other students are now in high ranking places in the government, universities, public administration, hospitals, schools, banks and everywhere. They didn’t disappear from the face of the earth.

You know what this means? In government, administration, education system, hospitals and university teaching and everything those {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP} are running the system. You blame education minister for AL mishaps or marking errors. But have you realized people who are running those things, people who design those things, people who supervise those things are the Sri Lankan graduates from the 1970s, 1980s? The same {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP} who protested yesterday and made havoc in Sri Lanka in the 70s and again in 89.
You blame the trade minister or energy minister for everything. But those are run by the Sri Lankan graduates who come from qualifications and seniority year by year. They are the engine behind. The minister is just a scarecrow taking the blame. Of course there is the minister, the chairman and the secretary appointed by the politicos. But they are only the muttiya which thieves put in on a stick and push into houses to get the hit. The thieves are the {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP} who are Sri Lankan graduates coming out from teaching schools, medical universities, management and arts and engineering and everywhere.

So this is the truth. Those {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP} are running your country behind the scenes whether it’s schools, hospitals, public administration, law enforcement and everywhere. Those abusers from the 70s, 80s or today did not left the system. They are running the system behind the scenes as principals, doctors, managers, professors, administrators and every educated professionals you could think of.
And this will get worse and worse as this master slave / ragging continues. The Sri Lankan universities are generating those {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare} and the rest of the graduates who would serve the master’s every darkest and vile demand from kneeling to sexual gratification. You blame the politicos for everything. But it’s the graduates who are analyzing, designing, making decisions and running Sri Lanka. They are behind the curtain running the system.
If you don’t eliminate this master slave / ragging cancer, Sri Lanka will become more dangerous to live in. This government did the unthinkable, they finished the war. I hope they can cure this master slave / ragging system and eliminate the {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare} 100%. If they do it we will see the improvements in 40 – 50 years when the {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare} are flushed out from the administration when they retire and die. Until then Sri Lanka will be controlled by {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare} who are now professionals, and slaves who has kneeled and bowed in front of the masters from the university days. This is why Sri Lanka is so degraded, lawless, underdeveloped and why people are without a spine to defend their rights. They were conditioned to be slaves. This cancer is there for so long.

Deplorable Conditions of the Sri Lankan Universities. Read it top to bottom.

“For brutally murdering Selvanayagam Varapragash a group of seven Engineering faculty seniors were indicted but many of them were acquitted due to inadmissible evidence. Today his murders are free and some are living in Canada and Australia working as professionals but hiding their murky murderous past.”

“After her death they conveniently forgot about Miss Rupa Rathnaseeli. Those who attempted to administer sexual violence on her working as administrators today. Some are university professors.”

“[Ovitigala Vithanage Samantha] was inhumanly assaulted at the university premises and attacked with a computer monitor and smashed his head. One of his killers and one who masterminded the murder - Sujith Kuruwita used his political backings to evade the charges and today he is at large. After Ovitigala Vithanage Samantha’s death his humane campaign had a lesser voice and again violence and sadism took control of the Sri Lankan universities.”

Source for above article read this one top to bottom.

“ඔය කැම්පස් එකේම තමයි මගේ නංගිට ඉටිපන්දමක් ගහන්න ගියේ. ඒ ළමයාගේ මුලු අවුරුද්දක්ම ජීවිතේ නැති වෙලා කොලඹ කැම්පස් එකට මාරු වෙලයි ඩිග්රිය ගත්තේ. ඕක කරපු එක වේ… බැල්ලියෙක් ව මම පස්සෙ කාලෙක අල්ලගත්තා. මම ඕකුන්ව හොය හොය පලිගන්නවා.
ඕකුන් තමයි මුකුත් නොකර ඕව කර කර ඉඳලා එලියට ඇවිල්ලා, ආන්ඩුවේ රස්සාවල් ඉල්ල ඉල්ල කෑ ගහන්නෙ. මොකද කිසිම දෙයක් දන්නෙ නැතුව ගිරවා දාලා විභාගෙ පාස් වුනාම මොනව කරන්නද? තව බැල්ලියෙක් ඉන්නවා රාජ්ය පරිපාලනේ වැඩ කරන, මම ඒකිවත් අල්ල ගන්නවා.”

Read these articles and keep in mind the period. It is 1970s. More than 40 years ago.
These sadists will be teaching your children tomorrow, disciplining them, treating them at hospitals, teaching them at universities, giving them character certificates, working in police, working in courts, running the country… Today their predecessors are doing that.

In memory of Ovitigala Vithanage Samantha who was brutally murdered by Sri Lankan university students and even stopped from being taken to hospital.


Equity Analytic
Equity Analytic
You are absolutely right my friend. I've been thinking this thing since a long ago!!!!!!!


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
I found 3 more very important articles on the subject.

First one is an academic paper from Sociolinguistics Symposium 19, Freie Universität Berlin, "The language of victims and rapists: Embracing verbal taboo to reappropriate victimless slang". The whole world knows Sri Lankan university students are perverts, sadists, sociopaths, murderers and criminals.

Other one is from 1975 in medical faculty. What you have to understand is that these {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare} are now senior doctors, professors, heads of departments, administrators, chiefs of staff, committees and intellectuals who are running Sri Lanka appointed by seniority and qualifications with BSc, MSc, Phd. These are not politicos. They are now running the country. You never blame them. You think educated are not given the proper position. They are in the high positions.

As I said, if you flush out the {perverts/sadists/sociopaths/murderers/criminals/JVP/Anthare} today then in 40 - 50 years this country will become a Singapore. Otherwise this will get worse as the students from 80s, 90s, 2000s become the next professors and leaders.

This subject is taboo. That's why nobody talks other than the few we hear. It's the tip of a Everest size ice berg. But it is going on for ages. That's why Sri Lanka is a failed state. Sorry for this post. But somebody has to tell the truth. Thank you for letting the voice heard. If you're from newspapers let the public know the politicos is a minor issue for the blunders in the price band, stock market, central bank, economy, treasury, transport authority running the buses and trains, managing electricity, planning and building roads, bridges, housing schemes, drainage, agriculture, food manufacturing and distribution, storing, ports and aviation, AL results, Z Score. Those are run by these qualified educated staff. This is the deadly issue.

The article in The Sunday Times of October 25, regarding "Ragging in the University" prompted me to relate the bitter experience I had when I entered the University 22 long years ago as a Medical student in the Peradeniya Campus. The nightmare I had been through kept haunting me for many more years even after leaving the University. I have not revealed these horrors to anyone because even the memory of it is so humiliating and bitter.

From the very first hour I reported to one of the halls of residence in the Peradeniya University, I realized that I was not going to live with human beings. The groups of "Seniors " who tormented me for the subsequent three weeks were a bunch of mentally disturbed sadists. Within the first hour my unsuspecting parents left my room, joyous that their brilliant, hard working eldest son was now in the haven of the educated, I was asked to strip naked. Thereafter it was a never ending series of sadistic torment, which lasted three long weeks.

Group after group, these perverts entered our rooms, and we were ordered to perform various acts, mostly sex orientated, for their enjoyment. These were sprinkled with acts of severe physical toture. Crawling on the naked hot cement in the Hilda Obeysekera Hall corridor with many others stark naked till your elbows and knees bled, crawling under the furniture pretending that you are en route to some country on a scholarship, doing hundreds of pushups, situps, climbing on to and getting down from a high table pretending that you were on a pilgrimage to Adam's Peak till you dropped down in exhaustion were just some of these "friendly acts" in the course of "getting to know each other".

Every morning, we were woken up around 5.30, and then were herded into the courtyard between fifth and sixth wings of Hilda Obeysekera Hall for the "Common Rag". We were ordered to strip naked, and were taken through an exhausting series of physical exercises. In between some of our tormentors picked one or two victims and they were asked to have an ice cold bath, only to return to the courtyard to continue with the ragging. This common rag lasted anything upto one hour, and a similar activity took place at dusk. Then, stinking of your sweat, splattered with mud, bleeding from a multitude of abrasions, it was time for you to rush to your morning ablutions, breakfast and of course, lectures.

Another cruel act performed at that time was the "castration". The victim was forced to place his scrotum in a half opened drawer. He was then blinfolded. After a very convincing account of what is about to happen, the table top was hit hard with a plank. I was a victim of this (It was performed in Jayathilake Hall, by a Final Year Medical Student, now a Medical Specialist himself!) and I can still feel the shock and the immediate relief which followed. Anyone with a weak heart could have had a heart attack. How on earth can such an act help to get to know each other?

Even the dining hall was not spared of this mental and physical torture. I was asked to sing while eating, eat with my plate on my head, with my plate behind me, but these appeared harmless when compared to the torturing which went inside rooms. I can remember being ordered to polish my plate, that is to finish everything on the plate, including karapincha, rampe, egg shells, fish bones, etc., etc. The night was feared by all. There were various kinds of vulgar contests, in which one was asked to perform various acts, including masturbation, display of your private parts so that these "seniors" could find a winner. Where was this held? - not in a torture chamber - but in the common room of Hilda Obeysekera Hall, where the subwarden slept just one floor above.

Ragging in all forms must be banned. Students who are caught ragging the freshers must be expelled from the Campus. One can never describe the agony a newcomer goes through in these three weeks. The tough may survive but most carry deep scars till the end of their lives.

We now know how an innocent, brilliant Engineering student who was the apple of his parents eyes, was ragged inhumanly till he died of renal failure. How long are the law makers and the University Dons going to sit on this issue? How many more deaths and hours and hours of agony and humiliation do we want before this is banned completely?
Medical Student in 1975
Now a Consultant Surgeon

Finally enjoy this video if you're Sri Lankan. Look how psychopathic the cream of the Sri Lankan students are and how the next generation who will lead the country, take over the economy, crawl on the dirt like dogs and bitches on a single command. You should be proud of the future leaders. Sri Lankans, enjoy.

Last edited by wis on Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:34 pm; edited 2 times in total


Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics
Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics
I also do not like the ways by which things happening in our universities but I must say this is clear exageration of the situation.


Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Who is running our system? From economy to education. X110
Who is running our system? From economy to education. X210
Who is running our system? From economy to education. X310


Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Who is running our system? From economy to education. X410
Who is running our system? From economy to education. X510

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