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A Golden Share

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1A Golden Share Empty A Golden Share on Sun Jun 21, 2015 12:31 pm


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
Two decade before govt. privatized loss making companies. At that time plantation companies under loss. Govt. handover the management of plantation companies to local companies lease agreement for a long periods, but the land on plantation having the ownership to nation. Treasury Sectary having ONE GOLDEN SHARE for each and every company, holding the land ownership.

2A Golden Share Empty Re: A Golden Share on Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:14 pm


After privatisation, despite volatility in commodity prices in some period and wage issues etc plantation companies were able to make profits time to time while expanding their businesses further by investing in new projects, continuation of capital development, factory modernization programmes, worker welfare activities to ensure long term sustainability and growth. Some tea companies have implemented projects such as water supply schemes, new construction of pre- schools, child development centres to enhance quality of life of the estate community. They are also hoping to invest on mid/long term development programmes which include replanting and diversification.
In addition to their main crops, some companies have diversified into other areas such as timber, power generation and other agri products etc. So they are creating long term value. For example according to annual report 2013/14 BOPL also want to have oil palm business in Anhettigama Estate, Derinayagala, comprising approximately 350 hectares. They also have plan in marketing different types of teas such as value added flavoured black and green teas, silver tips, herbal tea in selected international markets.It also has six mini small scale hydro power plants in their estates now. They have a policy of clean energy generation to minimize carbon emission.
I found philosophy of TPL in their annual report as follows.
Business philosophy
We Believe in... Manufacturing Quality Tea that fetch Premium Prices
Increasing Shareholder Value
The Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Making Profit without loss of Honour
Motivating and Training our people to reach their full potential
Rewarding Performance
Being a Learning Organisation and continuously improving
Building mutually beneficial long term relationships with our Customers and Suppliers
Positively contributing to the conservation of the environment

3A Golden Share Empty Re: A Golden Share on Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:32 pm

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Just like free education ending, the last traces of the English Rulers are about to end. No more will be boast of the good tea we grow in SRI Lanka. 

The appetites, tastes, habits of the consumers are ever changing and now most people want convenience and greater stimulants to suit their so hectic life styles.

Unless, R&D a is done to enhance the tea flavours and maintain the aroma even after it is chilled and bottled, the tea consumption will take a dive.

We now do not drink pure tea. We drink tea mixed with additives that take away the T (aste) in Tea.

Say goodbye to the traditional tea.
Even the Tea Sector is suffering to survive these days.
Very labour intensive and highly political.

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