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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » Sri Lanka largest Foreign Direct Investments realizer and Deal Maker: Union Bank connected Alex Lovell might own and control over US $ 40 billion worth properties by 2025 in Sri Lanka, around over 30% of Sri Lanka's GDP of US $ 120 billion

Sri Lanka largest Foreign Direct Investments realizer and Deal Maker: Union Bank connected Alex Lovell might own and control over US $ 40 billion worth properties by 2025 in Sri Lanka, around over 30% of Sri Lanka's GDP of US $ 120 billion

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Stock Trader
Sri Lanka's key projects now owned or sold mainly to top Indian or Chinese or European investors have been broguht into the island nation from 2000 era to date by Indrajit Alexis Lovell or the famous investor and deal makerwho brought in Saudi King's one of the nephew's, Malaysia's Genting Group and other investors to then struggling Union Bank of Colombo which down with a Rs. 400 million fraud about 15-20 years ago that was then earlier owned by Ajitha De Zoysa, Thilak De Zoysa and family. Alex Lovell saved De Zoysa's twice by bringing investments to Union Bank of Colombo twice also by taking in TPG Capital in 2011-2013 era and also bringing in Al-Futtaim to AMW company. Alex Lovell is also the person who was successful in bringing in James Packer to Sri Lanka and he was supposed to own 10% of James Packer's Casino. 

Currently Alex Lovell has brought in CIMB to Sri Lanka and has brought in NTT of Japan to SLT in Past and has brought in Malaysia's Ananda Krishnan who owned Maxis Telecom to buy Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT) in past from NTT. Alex's former connected indirect family own the ICICI Bank building in Colombo. Alex also brought in BEN Holdings with Subaskaran Allirajah - a British Sri Lankan Tamil entrepreneur to invest in Sri Lanka's fallen ETI Holdings which was earlier owned by Soma Edirisinghe's family. Now Alex Lovell is the Chairman of BEN Holdings. He has also brought in Rs. 1 billion investment to now renamed UB Finance which was earlier named as F&G company of Ceylinco. After collapse of Ceylinco ALex brought in investments to F&G because it had lots of land assets that was more clear in titles than The Finance & CO. PLC.

Recently Blue Mountain properties has been struggling to find an investor to their seven star hotel and after that they have got a Chinese investment to start the project. Same Chinese company Zhong Tian Ding Hui Pvt Ltd has come to rescue Janaki Siriwardhana who was finding an investor for Colombo's Krrish Square which is now named as One Transworks Square or THE ONE Colombo project. Alex Lovell has started working with Janaki Siriwardhana former wife of famous actor Singer of Maname Wijeratne Warakagoda's son - Jananath Warakagoda and has helped Janaki by bringing in  Ritz-Carlton Residence Colombo, JW Marriott and The One towers to THE ONE Colombo project. 

Some say Alex Lovell own considerable stakes in All companies and he first became billionaire thanks to former Sri Lankan origin Malaysian Planter who died without properly transferring wealth in Malaysia who was connected to Alex. 

Alex is also said to be owning many stakes in several companies including Access and and other major land and cosntruction related companies. He has also helped ThinkCube systems to make deal with Dialog to launch and ThinkCube to be connected with Access Engineering. Some say he is the one who invited Nadira Williams and family members who sold Alumex to invest in Access and Dhammika Perera companies. According to some Colombo Elite ladies ALex Lovell has strong skill in making lots of educated ladies reaching and leading making them Colombo's top lady investment bankers. 

According to some top bankers Alex Lovell's wealth is calculated to be around US $ 5 billion right now and he will be worth around US $ 40 billion by 2025 owning majority of Luxury properties in Sri Lanka by another 6 years since he has brought in over US $ 2 billion investments to Sri Lanka including the AIA deal for NDB Bank that happened few years ago. Some say ALex is a silent achiever in everything he do and he is the most influential investment banker who has brought in over US $ 2 billion to a US $ 80 billion economy in a 20 years history.Alex now control over 40 movie theatres in Sri Lanka since he is the Chairman of ETI, Swarnamahal Jewllers and EAP Theatres owning company BEN Holdings.

Alex Lovell is also famous to be working with Qatar King and his Government to transfer 20% of Colombo Stock Exchange's ownership to Qatar's Sovereign Wealth Fund whilst Qatar is looking to invest over US $ 1 billion or Rs. 182 billion in Sri Lanka's 10 islands near Kalpitiya for last 9 years until government clear the projects. Once completed Qatar will invest in a over 70 storey hotel like Burj AL Arab in Dubai with underwater views and Express Running from Port City to Kalpitiya. 

Alex Lovell's historical family is said to be connected to Jaffna area and he is supposed to be bringing investments to fuel Jaffna's development too. Some say Alex Lovell is working with Mukesh Ambani to bring in Oil investments to 3 Oil Blocks above Jaffna which has not been offered by Sri Lanka's government due to difficult issues in War Time era. If Mukesh Ambani or Reliance comes into Jaffna's Oil investments and also Kankasanthurei Harbour which government is trying to develop now, it will increase more Bunkering business in Sri Lanka. Some are saying Alex has also worked with Richard Branson to bring Virgin group to Mattala International Airport by 2015 and he is trying to bring in a investor for SriLankan Airlines. Some say even Alex Lovell may end up buying a 10% stake Sri Lankan Airlines if Government doesn't have a proper investor.

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