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Can there be another Covid-19 wave in Sri Lanka?

The value of positive thinking Vote_lcap68%The value of positive thinking Vote_rcap 68% [ 178 ]
The value of positive thinking Vote_lcap18%The value of positive thinking Vote_rcap 18% [ 47 ]
The value of positive thinking Vote_lcap13%The value of positive thinking Vote_rcap 13% [ 35 ]

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The value of positive thinking

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1The value of positive thinking Empty The value of positive thinking Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:16 am


Director - Equity Analytics
Director - Equity Analytics

Premasara Epasinghe B.A (Cey) Dip in Ed, Dip in Mktg, Lecturer

Nimal and Lalith studied together. While Nimal was a book worm who never took part in any co-curricular activities in school, Lalith was a different kettle of fish, as he was an all-round student. Anyway, both passed their G.C.E. Ordinary level examination. Nimals' results sheet was slightly better. Both applied for a job in a mercantile firm. Both were called for an interview.

In the case of Nimal, his self esteem was low. He considered himself as a failure from the very beginning. He did not have any confidence and thought that he was not going to get the job.

On the day of the interview, he woke up late, was not properly attired. Anyway he faced the interview and during the interview he was very nervous. He was not selected. What was the main reason? Nimal had a negative attitude or thinking from the start.

Let us see how Lalith fared. From the beginning, Lalith was bubbling with confidence. His approach was different. From the beginning, he was sure and confident that he would get the job.

He often visualized himself making a good impression and getting the job. Lalith got the job, because he made a good impression. What was the secret behind his success? The power of positive thinking.

The positive thinking (in Sinhala - Dhanatmaka Chintanaya) is a mental attitude that flows into the mind such as thoughts, words and images. They are important ingredients for growth, expansion and success. Positive thinking, positive mental attitude. It always pays you good dividends and favourable results. In short, a positive mind anticipates joy, happiness, health and an outcome of every situation and action. Whatever the mind wants, it finds.

Anguste Comete (1789-1857), the French philosopher was the one who introduced this theory - Positivism.

The theory positivism was hostile to theology and metaphysics that over step this boundary. Logical positivism is a form of positivism, which rejects any metaphysical world beyond everyday, science and common sense and confined statements to those of formal logic or mathematics. It had developed in 1920's. It influenced and became more widely known through, the work of A. J. Ayer and the Vienna circle.

Sir Alfred Jules Ayer (1910-1989) was an English philosopher. Building on the ideas of Vienna circle of Positivists and George Berkeley, David Hume, Bertrand Russel and Ludwig Wittgenstein. He introduced Logical Positivism into British and US philosophy. The philosophical doctrine, asserting that positive knowledge, definite scientific talks can be obtained through direct experience.

Positive thinking and negative thinking, are spreading by contact contagious. This happens instinctively on a subconscious level through thoughts and feelings. What you must do is to associate positive people and avoid negative the ones. For example, unhappy moods and actions which covers negative thoughts, words and attitudes bring up negative and unhappy moods and actions. When your mind is negative, your blood boils. At times, you lose you temper which causes more unhappiness and negativity.

Always think that "Can do it. Can achieve it." Always visualise favourable and beneficial situation. Think positively. Act positively. Never give up.

In the late 1960's, I was the Prefect of Games, the Master-in-Charge of cricket at Nalanda Vidyalaya, Colombo.

In 1969, Nalanda played their inter-school cricket match with Prince of Wales College at Moratuwa. Nalanda were bundled out for a paltry 55 runs in one and half hours.

I had a discussion with the team. I told them never to have a negative attitude and that the entire team to have a positive attitude and think positively and fight hard. POW scored 120 runs in the first inning and Nalanda in their second essay, scored 120.

It all happened on the first day. I told the 'Boys' to fight with a positive attitude. I adopted new tactics. I asked Nalanda that brilliant off-spinner captain Lalith Kaluperuma to bowl off cutters fast as the opening bowler. I got my other usual opening bowler, Bandula Warnapura to bowl his medium-pacers.

I told the team members which included cricketers of the calibre of Palitha and Jayantha Seneviratne who were brothers, Daya Sirisena, Nandadeva Perera, Leslie Narangoda and Sarath Soysa, to have a positive attitude and fight as a team.

These brilliant cricketers won the match by 5 (five) runs. I firmly believed that it was the positive attitude of the champion Nalanda team of 1969, that helped to score this nerve wrecking brilliant victory. They adopted positive thinking and attitude, while followed the principle "Never say die" policy. Ultimately, due to this positive thinking attitude, Nalanda became the champion school cricket out-fit in the island.

The success stories of most of the world leaders were due to their positive thinking and positive attitudes. They always thought positively.

Confidence, positive attitudes, momentum (forces that raise the development process), were some of the important factors that could turn your life around and help you in you way of life.

A fine example was the War Prime of England Sir Winston Churchill. He always believed in a positive approach. He positively motivated the British with his brilliant, positive, glorious awakening speeches.

"We shall not flag or fail. We shall fight in France. We shall fight in the seas and oceans.

"We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength. We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight on the hills. We shall never surrender."

I quote another extract to show the positive thinking of Churchill.

"The Battle of Britain is about to begin. The might of the enemy must be very soon turned on us. Let us therefore brace ourselves that it is the British Empire and Commonwealth last for 1000 years, men will say that this is the "Finest Hour."

Churchill thought positively and motivated his men against Dictator Adolf Hitler of Germany.

Not only Churchill, leaders like Mahathma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln, become world leaders due to their positive thinking.

They faced many challenges in reaching the top. They never gave up. They never believed in negative thinking.

In the modern society, not everyone accepts positive thinking. The one's who accept it, uses it to good use. Ultimately they gain good results. Today, the subject "Positive Thinking" is popular.

To be a successful entrepreneur in business ventures, power of positive thinking is an important ingredient.

A good positivist should possess abundant common sense, first class organisation ability, imperceptibility, flexibility and an ability to deal with difficult problems. Further, you must motivate you staff to think positively. You must teach them formal rules of correct and polite behaviour in society, which can be called "Business Etiquette and social behaviour."

Teach them the basics to be courteous, be respectful, be thoughtful, consider others feelings and positively address conflict related situations.

If you act wisely, following the attitude of successful positive thinking, the sky will be the limit. Your organisation or company will reach the top in no time. It will soar to Himalayan heights.

2The value of positive thinking Empty Re: The value of positive thinking Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:20 am



Thanks Red. Good one.

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