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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » East total Hotel deal value US $ 58 Mn there will be another Dividend, Nahil's family is smart

East total Hotel deal value US $ 58 Mn there will be another Dividend, Nahil's family is smart

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Stock Analytic
Stock Analytic
The deal statement in Singapore said that all loans of the hotel will be settled with further capital infusion to hotel - Weligama. 

Generally Nahil is a smart person who has given lots of inside loans between his companies. So East will still largely benefit from the inside transactions of the earlier subsidiary Weligama Hotel and through selling all other subsidiaries to another company of Nahil reflects that he is realizing his profit during the hard times of economy. 

Looking at Nahil's smartness it is possible that there will be at least another Rs. 8 Dividend that Nahil and family will declare to the shareholders and which will enable to earn more and then possibly invest in another company in Singapore partly to bring in another investment to East as foreign investment. 

Then they might start another trading company or a hotel project raise necessary financing from banks and by next year mid there will be another Rights issue to build another hotel or acquire another hotel. Another three years or 5 years later they will sell the hotel again. From next year on wards Every year company will at least try to give Rs. 2-3 per share interim dividend twice a year somehow at least for another three years to keep the Nahil's kids Happy since Kids are more greedier than Nahil. Nahil's business model is to build at least hotel every three years value it in every two years  and then sell and make profit, or even value Cement Silos for at least every three years and rent it or increase rent and make money. 

Due to Nahil's healthy profile so far he will live more than 12 years so East will at least build 4 more hotels for Next 12 years and Nahil will work out to bring at least another US $ 100 million from his foreign investments to pump in to Sri Lanka. 

Right now Sri Lanka is at a decisive juncture in terms of tourism so ideal time that Nahil can borrow from capitalizing dividend cash and then go for a new investment

The share is still worth at Rs. 8 - 9 to collect.


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
This might stay with the current price levels for a while.


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
Dear Amalhoole
Reference letter eka share karanna puluwanda
Why ehenam mechchara sell kare 20rs indala pahalata
eyalata share price eka 30 wage ena gaman sell karanna tibunane
confusing and pls explain brother


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
I think all these selling is due to current market condition and panik selling. Most of the brokers were advising their clients to sell the share and not to hold after xd. But what i feel is that this might settle at 13 levels within couple of months. Who knows wheather they will buy back the share?


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
all of you are missed something which must be discussed here,that the reason most of the people lost their investments


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
@karuna2 wrote:Why ehenam mechchara sell kare 20rs indala pahalata
eyalata share price eka 30 wage ena gaman sell karanna tibunane
This is one logical question that nothing much was discussed about. If you look at the range of share price appreciation from the announcement of the EGM to dividend announcement afterwards is about 5.50rs. For everything it was about 5.50rs. If someone intended to offload a big quantity that person could have done it at 26-24rs range after pushing up the price for about 28rs. Technically RSI was not in overbought region by the time of dividend announcement, and there was much room for appreciation of price. It seemed like several parties involved with this share - directors, brokers, and HNWIs you know the names. Each of these might have had a different trading strategy. Those who have collected from 11.90rs up might have sold from 20.50-19.00rs range. But that's about 500k shares. Even If you assumed that chunk was sold in this region, to my belief that is not the reason for this selling cascade. Imagine if the price dropped some how or the other, you buy at 17, with the dividend earned you buy another at 8.50. So you have 2 for 17 ( 2 x 8.50 ). So you earn capital gain above this price and twofold eligibility for dividends as well, if offered. All depend on your trading strategy, holding power and what this share has to offer. I bought a quantity, collecting from 12.50rs upwards, on technical grounds / background of hotel sale with the expectation of selling 22-23rs up. Due to change in trading pattern I kept my shares, and still holding, with the prospect of reinvesting the dividend. I also believe this share is not done yet, merely half way through. I am sharing this views only for people holding or trading with EAST, not to be taken as buy or any recommendation for others.


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
Thanks Dr cse

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