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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » Now even Holy See, Pope may be concerned of using 'Perpetual' name by Arjun Aloysius' family for Arjun's Shady 'White Collar Criminal' Businesses?

Now even Holy See, Pope may be concerned of using 'Perpetual' name by Arjun Aloysius' family for Arjun's Shady 'White Collar Criminal' Businesses?

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Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Pope Francis, Cardinals lead Vatican Authorities may take legal action for Aloysius' family in a Land Mark case to remove the word 'Perpetual' from Arjun's Shady 'White Collar Criminal' Businesses?

In a fresh and a more influential move after Holy Father of Holy See the Pope Francis' visit to Sri Lanka in mid January 2015 after New President Sirisena's appointment, The Senior Bishop Circles and Pope has pressured Sri Lanka's Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith to request from Kattar Aloysius lead Godfrey Aloysius, Arjun Aloysius fame to remove promoting and using 'Mother Mary' and words 'Perpetual' (that is used in Roman Catholcism) from Kattar Aloysius and Arjun Aloysius shady Businesses that were mainly founded and fueled in Tamil Nadu State of South India which were later spread to Sri Lanka with the UNP and President Ranasinghe Premadasa's help since 1980's.

According to insiders and Vatican's Intelligence Service officers from Vatican's St.Peters Basilica the Superiors of Catholic Church is taking steps against the name 'Perpetual' used by Kattar Aloysius lead Aloysius family to market their businesses as 'So Called Holy' people brand for Aloysius family since Arjun Aloysius and His Father-In-Law is now in the spotlight of new Sri Lankan Regime's controversial Bond Market Manipulation 'Deal'.

Further Vatican's Intelligence Service officers had advised the Vatican Superiors that Sri Lanka's South Indian Origin Aloysius family had been involved in more 'White Collar Criminal' activities even in past where Perpetual Asset Management and Perpetual Holdings controlled by Aloysius family profited from Sri Lanka's over 6.5 million private Sector Worker's largest Pension Fund Savings (EPF) through unethical and improperly approved share transactions in which Perpetual sold several listed shares in Sri Lanka to EPF managed by the Central Bank's Monetary Board.

Accordingly Vatican including Monaco the 'Financial Haven' will influence to be 'Cautious' in issuing Visa to Sri Lankan Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran and Arjun Aloysius fame who are official Father-In-Law and Son-In-Law in relationship.According to insiders as a consequence present Commercial Bank of Ceylon Chairman Dharma Dheerasinghe whose wife was working at EPF Department as the Chief of Investment Committee of EPF Rupa Dheerasinghe will also face issues in getting Visa to Vatican. Further European Financial Crimes Investigations Department of European Union and entire Europe Union with Thompson Reuters owned Accelus World-Check - Thomson Reuters Accelus that carry out special investigations around the globe on Political Exposed, Irregularly Governed, Risky Business Crooks will alert and direct to be cautious in issuing Shengen Visa to Shengen States (European Union Countries) for persons including Arjun Mahendran, Arjun Aloysius, Godfrey Aloysius, Ajith Devasurendra, Dharma Dheerasinghe, Rupa Dheerasinghe fame of 'Old Boys and Girls of Insider Dealing and Manipulation Fame of Sri Lanka's Financial Markets' 

Roman Catholic Holy See and Christian Holy see has 'Clearly' defined the above personalities and using 'Perpetual' for shady Businesses of Mahendran and Aloysius fame possess a risk to the Brand name of 'Holy Roman Catholic Church and Holy See and Christian See' Similar to  'Funding Italian Cosa Nostra or Sicilian Mafia' in which could be described as 'South Indian-Sri Lankan Mahendran-Aloysius' Mafia promoting Roman Catholicism and/or Roman Catholicism getting benefits from South Indian-Sri Lankan 'Mahendran-Aloysius' Mafia.

Now even Holy See, Pope may be concerned of using 'Perpetual' name by Arjun Aloysius' family for Arjun's Shady 'White Collar Criminal' Businesses? _03_110

Link Here:

(Picture Caption: Roman Catholic and Christian Holy See's Joseph Spiteri Apostolic Nuncio to Sri lanka Officiating the Wedding Mass of Young Sri Lankan Bond Market Manipulator Arjun Aloysius and his father-in-law Arjuna Mahendran's daughter Anjali at All Saints Church, Colombo)

Some analysts at Colombo Main Street and Colombo York Street and the market avenues say this new Mafia is called or now known as 'Catholic Karola Mafia' or 'Perpetual Karola Mafia' or 'Perpetual Mafia' among common Sri Lankans.

Now even Holy See, Pope may be concerned of using 'Perpetual' name by Arjun Aloysius' family for Arjun's Shady 'White Collar Criminal' Businesses? _16_10
Aloysius Family Fame at Arjun Aloysius' wedding (Arjun Aloysius in Middle on Standing Row with Arjun Mahendran's Daughter Anjali at their Wedding)

Sri Lanka's former largest 'Karola' (Dry Fish Exporter Karola Wadi Founder who created 'Goni Billa' and 'Sannasi' Kidnapping scare among Sri Lankan kids from 1960's onwards Kattar Aloysius' founded Free Lanka Capital Company later became Holdings group along with Thurston Investments. Later Kattar Aloysius asked his grandson to start 'Perpetual Investments' using the name and a term of Mother 'Mary' of Roman Catholicism.

In 1990's Kattar Aloysius defaulted over Rs.500 million Loan to Sri Lanka's largest state owned commercial Bank - Bank of Ceylon by helping to then president came from UNP Ranasinghe Premadasa. 

Now it says present Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake appointed Brian J Sinniah the Chief Financial Officer of Ravi Karunanayake owned Global Group to Bank of Ceylon from 9th February 2015 along with Ranel Wijesinghe, Pushpa Wellappili and Ronald C. Perera (as BOC New Chairman).Insiders from Bank of Ceylon says that Ravi influenced via conversation to Bank of Ceylon Board to give over Rs.3 billion credit to Arjun Aloysius' Perpetual Treasuries without any security to apply and bid for bonds worth nearly Rs.3 billion via Bank of Ceylon.Perpetual totally bid for Rs.5 billion worth of bonds in 'Controversial 30 years Bond Deal' where Rs.3 billion bond bidding came via Bank of Ceylon behalf of Perpetual Treasuries. 

Kattar's grandson Arjun Aloysius married then (1970-80's) UNP backer Charlie Mahendran's son Arjuna Mahendran' Daughter Anjali Mahendran in 2012-2013 era.

The New Sri Lankan regime's Central Bank Governor turned Arjuna Mahendran for years had been the top Economic Advisor of Ranil Wickremasinghe (Present Prime Minister) and recently Arjun Aloysius' committed Bond Manipulation with Central bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran which is a Father-In-Law and called a 'Son-In-Law Deal' but The Ministry of Policy Planning and Economic Affairs run by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe and Deputy Minister Dr.Harsha De Silva on March 6th 2015 Friday issued a statement on the Government’s Treasury bond issue in March which spiked rates in debt market causing widespread concern as well as led to allegations of a primary dealer - Perpetual Treasuries unfairly profiteering. The statement however was silent on the allegations but explained the background why interest rates rose.The Government also pointed a finger at the President Mahinda Rajapaksa regime for several irregularities of the past without talking about Arjuna Mahendran's and Aloysius family's Bond Market Manipulation.

Meanwhile soon after the 'Controversial Bond Deal' Arjuna Mahendran said Arjun Aloysius quit Perpetual Treasuries as Chairman from the day Mahendran became the Central Bank Governor and few days later on March 3rd Browns Investments PLC (BIL) of LOLC fame acquired 50,000,000 shares of F L C Joint Venture Company (Pvt) Ltd, the ultimate holding company of Kattar Aloysius founded Free Lanka Capital Holdings - BIL bought 50% of the stated capital of the Company, from Perpetual Holdings Limited on March 3, 2015 for Rs. 651,200,000.

FLC Joint Venture Company (Pvt) Ltd was a joint venture between Browns Investment PLC and Perpetual Holdings Limited. FLC Joint Venture Company (Pvt) Ltd holds 747,600,000 shares amounting to 54.65% in FLC Holdings PLC (Kattar Aloysius founded group)

Subsequent to the said acquisition Browns Investments PLC will be the sole shareholder of F L C Joint Venture Company (Pvt) Ltd and controlling shareholder of FLC Holdings PLC.

Have a look at How Catholicism and Christianity is unethically promoted for Shady Businesses of Arjun Aloysius' family here...

Check for whole entire history of Arjun Aloysius

#holysee #Popefrancis #papafrancis #worldcheck #bloomberg #reuters #arjunamahendran #aloysius #arjunaaloysius #centralbank #MY3 #ranil #wickremasinghe #bondmarkets #bonds #stocks #bondmanipulations #srilankanmafia #mafia #aloysiusmafia #bondsmafia #srilanka #lk #economy #church

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Perpetual is derived from a Latin word. The Latin language cannot be owned by the Church nor the Pope.

So case is an open and shut case.


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
Where did you get all this information?


Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Good investigative journalism. You can be next Lasantha or Fedeica!


Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
@Senior Citizen wrote:Perpetual is derived from a Latin word. The Latin language cannot be owned by the Church nor the Pope.

So case is an open and shut case.
Dear Senior Citizen...Latin was the Original Language of Roman Empire...Roman Empire collapsed and was attacked by Ottoman Turks and German Barbarians lead by Attilla the Hun from several sides when The Constantine the Great was Roman Empire.Constantine lost world's best Shopping and Commercial Capital that age Constantinople to Ottoman Turks which later became Istanbul.

Constantine's mother was a Jewish in which case Constantine after winning some wars with the belief and dreaming Jesus (as per her mom's Jewish stories) converted the entire Rome to Holy Roman Empire and appointed The Pope.That is history of Roman Catholicism that emerged from Judaism. In conversion he did Constantine converted all Greek, Roman Gods to Judaism in which case Roman Empire's Sun God's Mom Isis' place and reputation and status was given to the Mother Mary of Jesus although in Judaism ladies are not given higher status even the Mother of God according to typical Middle East culture.So after that since Isis was always referred as perpetual the same term was transferred to the Mother of Jesus 'Mother Mary' by Constantine. Today entire Christianity has the Bible in one book thanks to Constantine who selected all books and asked scholars to Compile all of it.

In Roman Catholicism history Constantine The Great Roman Empire first declared him as the first Pope to Holy See but later upon many displeasure expressed by clergy those days Constantine said The Peter (first an top Disciple of Jesus) should be declared as the First Pope.Thanks to Constantine's vision The Entire Roman Empire founded by Romulus and Remus and which was later expanded by Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar survive as Holy See today with over US $ 55 billion real estate investments around the globe as Lands around Holy Chiurches, Churches,Catholic Schools, Clergy Institutions such as OMI, Dominicans, Carmelites or Carmelite Nuns, Sisters of Charity and various Brothers or Nuns.Holy See is the modern day Roman Empire.

The story itself is said by Holy See's priests to Holy See believers in this way "The First Roman Empire Augustus Caesar (Nephew of Julius Caesar) and his provincial Kings who ruled Middle East and North Africa (MENA) mainly those days ordered Jesus to be crucified.Today Roman Empire survives in the name of Lord and Survives with the Sign of Cross everywhere a Roman Emperor lived and spend their Luxury Lives." This story itself is similar to what is explained in Buddhism as 'What Goes around Comes around! = Karma".So Roman Empire being converted to Holy Roman Empire was the 'Karma' and 'Fate' that was given to Roman Emperors and Romans and Roman Bloodline where today the Holy Roman Empire is leaded by The Pope under a Religious Rule.

Under New Pope Francis, Rome has regulated their Irregular Financial Funding via 'Vatican Bank' - Institute of Religious Works and Vatican Bank had to publish first publicly out Annual Report in 2012.From Next Year Vatican is also setting up a proper Central Bank to print a limited number of currency to be circulated in World's Smallest Kingdom (or State) Vatican City.

In above two paragraphs I shortly outlined the history of Roman Empire and the use of Perpetual where as priests or clergy of Holy See only learn about that history.Not Many Roman Catholics around globe know that Bible was directed to be compiled as the combination of both Testaments (Old and New) by Constantine the Great.Even the Christmas Catholics celebrate is not the original Birthday of Jesus. Constantine declared to celebrate Christmas on 25th December because it was the first week of Spring when Spring comes every year to Rome and Generally the Roman Sun God's Festival was celebrated on 25th December and there was a similar man who was born in Roman Empire called Mithra (The Pegan) who was also similar to Jesus he was also born on 25th December and thus Considering all those facts Constantine decided to Celebrate Christmas on 25th December.

You can read all that if you read proper books and scripts from Roman Catholicism's history.
English meaning of 'Perpetual' was only later added. Celts only founded English which was initially a 'Four letter' words language where even today's most common English Filth was once used to be Surnames (you can check with Oxford ZDictionary of Word origins for words such as Whore, Harlot, F***) and thanks to King George the Sixth and his later Generations English became Global and International Language because Britain conquered other nations later like Rome.English is a Language that so called 'Grammar' changes every day and nearly 4 letter per day is added to English on an average basis as a still developing language.Most of the famous words (if you read Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins you can find out) such as Jungle came to English from Hindi whilst words like 'Anaconda' originally came to Engish and Brazil from Sri Lanka.

I am really motivated here since early morning of the Day I had the privilege to share global knowledge to a 'Senior Citizen' of our country and this forum members.


Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
@Quibit wrote:Good investigative journalism. You can be next Lasantha or Fedeica!

Hi Quibit, thanks. Actually I am working at the Public Debt Department of a Country in Asia.So they can't actually find.

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
This subject will be perpetually argued about till the cows come home. Let's talk about the Vatican bank and the Mafia instead.


Vice President - Equity Analytics
Vice President - Equity Analytics
Deal king.Great.very informative.

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Still feel that higher places need to be cleaned up just like the Yahapalayana.

Ernie Tissera

Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Good education by Deal King about the history of Christianity. Thank you. To add something to your explanation: Anaconda origin is Sri lanka and the original name is HENAKANDAYA.

Business Basil

Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
Very Interesting topic!

Business Basil

Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
Arjuna Mahendran back in Central Bank seat.What sort of Bonds, he will play with now?


Stock Trader

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